Don’t judge someone for getting high to escape their awful life

That homeless person asking you for money, what do you think his life is like? Nice and comfy like yours? Or full of uncertainty, fear, discomfort, pain? Does he have a nice bed to go to tonight, or will he have to scrabble for a bit of space under a bridge or in an alley? You have the luxury of judging him for what he spends his money on, but he doesn’t have the luxuries you have. Try looking at things from that viewpoint, and don’t judge someone for getting high to escape their awful life.

Thanks to YouTube user Serai3 for this thought provoking reply. The message above was in response to the message below on my Act of Kindness short film.

Also: My mom encounters a lot of beggars on the street. They always ask for money to buy food. The funny thing is, that she always has a sandwich or drink in her bag. Everytime she offers directly her food instead of money, they beggars scoff and turn away. So my fear of helping beggars with money is based on my mom’s experience. I really don’t want to help a beggar get his hands on drugs…

What’s your take on the above blog? would honestly love to hear from anyone, it’s a learning platform for me and the world. 

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Yes globally is great, but what’s your intention locally?

I’ve had the intention to share this video for a while. I spoke at the Launch of Barking & Dagenham Young Chamber of Commerce recently. Do enjoy and would love to hear your feedback about what you make of the message and intent behind my words.

And my open question to you is what’s your intention locally?

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I promise, from now on I would help at least 2 persons per week

I am so inspired by this latest comment on the Act of Kindness video. I truly do enjoy seeing people across the world connect with the film in their own way.

Rokibul Islam commented

It is not possible for one person to help the entire world. However, if one can steps up to help at least one human being in need; I guess even that is enough.

Compassion; caring mentality is what what we started to miss these days. I promise, from now on I would at least try to help at least 2 persons per week; even if I cant do much as a student, at least I would try with a cup of coffee or share of sandwich.

Thanks for the video bro!

Thank you for inspiring me with your kind comment Rokibul. 

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I found the only piece of him that was sticking out and I tucked a tenner into it

What an amazing man! 

Comment by LazyMan9000 on Act of Kindness short film

“I dunno nothing about random acts of kindness but I do know this – every day I used to ride to work under a bridge and a homeless dude used to live there. One day, in the middle of winter when it was cold as hell, I saw the poor guy hunched up under a blanket, sleeping. So I went over to him, I found the only piece of him that was sticking out from that blanket, his shoe, and I tucked a tenner into it. He never even woke up, and he never knew it was me. But I felt good anyway. =)”

Thank you for being an humble man 🙂 – LazyMan9000

Would you be kind enough to share this Act of Kindness clip?

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PART 2 “Homeless people spread sickness and disease” WRONG!

The conversation continues on Act of Kindness Homelessness

(tufugas) @maliceah1 Wow we probably pass each other some days. I challenge you to just say “hi” to one of them, I bet you it won’t hurt you that much.

(DaCaSh100) I try to be some tough badass kid and it’s pathetic! My true callin in life is to help those who need it. I need to stop being who I want and start being who I am. I will remeber this video as my eye opener.

(maliceah1) Wow that would fix everything wouldn’t it great idea! Hey we can do it together I think you’d benefit from it too! Since you don’t seem to think people are entitles to their own opinions! Why don’t the parents who abandon their mentally disabled children for a life on the streets get sterilized too. I went out today & walked around looking at all the homeless people today, trying to be understanding, but seeing them reaching into trashcans & then going into food places I’d eaten at made me sick.

(shearwater66) you ignorant piece of shit, do us all a favor and get yourself sterilised

(maliceah1) Killing someone who killed your son is a very bad move. And how do you know this man was not making up stories? Homeless people have all the time in the world to make up stories, the best way to get you to pay up is to spin a heartbreaking story or to carry a kitten or a puppy around and say “Oh look at this poor puppy, give me money to feed it!” That’s another thing, the city mission should NOT be registering homeless peoples dogs for them.

(tufugas) @maliceah1 One guy we learnt about in his late 40s had Just come out of prison. He was in there for killing a dude who broke into his home & shot his son, in self defense the dad killed the guy & he lost the case, lost everything! His son, his home, job, & is still to this day homeless. Until you’ve put your ego aside & really got to learn some of these people’s stories, only then will you be able to have some understanding.

(maliceah1) I’d be fine with homeless people if they were banned from entering stores, banned from buses and banned from sleeping on the publics bench chairs. The smell of Queen Street where they dwell is horrendous. If the city Mission would be in Sth Akl that would be good. With loads of showers. It’s the cleanliness that I have an issue with. Plus, the reason NZ homeless are different is because the beneficiary system is generous. There’s no reason for them not to have homes. They choose to be annoying.

(tufugas) I understand your view, but every homeless person has a different story. I happen to be from NZ too & have met some homeless people in AKL city, they’re human too & not all of them are like you described. Don’t worry youtubers not all people from NZ think like this 🙂

See previous post about this conversation here  & join the conversation here

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“Homeless people spread sickness and disease” WRONG!

…. How do you reply to comments like this? recent comment on my Act of Kindness Homelessness video.

(maliceah1 commented)
Homeless people should be kind to the public, by staying away from public areas. They spread sickness and diseases, they do nothing for other people. I don’t understand why they should be kept alive. Sorry but that’s my personal opinion. Maybe the homeless people are nicer and cleaner in other countires, but here where I live, they are scum.

(Lars Honeytoast reply 1)
your personal opinion would change real quick, if you had no house and no food…
P.S. You’re a fucking idiot dont ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

(maliceah1 reply 2)
I HAVE had no house and no food. And guess why that was? Because the person I was with had no conservation skills to do with money, and spent it all on cigarettes, weed, alcohol and the like. He will end up homeless one day and I won’t. He was poorly raised/educated about very basic things. Have you lived around the homeless? Have you any idea what they are truly like? You’ve no idea how awful the homeless are in my town. They are not skinny starving poor souls, they’re fat and disgusting slobs.

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“Because you never know, he could be Jesus”

…. An amazing human being recently wrote this comment below on my Act of Kindness Homelessness video.

Ill always remember something my dad said to me as a kid. we’d always see the same homeless man after church at the shops. He’d always ask for money & dad would give $5-$10 always. Each time he gave it he’d say “This is the last time okay” & the guy would say “okay thanks.” one Sunday we saw him again, my dad yet again, gave him money. I finally asked dad “why do you keep giving him money?” my dad replied “because you never know, he could be Jesus” Matt: 25-35″

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Inspiring message from a fan

Personal Message from a fan – This has made my whole week if not the whole year.

“Hope this is inspiring 🙂
I did an assignment in class today where we all had to pick 3 quotes that were inspirational in some way to us. I picked the quote at the beginning of your LIVE BELOW THE LINE video as one of my 3. So my teacher was pacing around the room reading people quotes and he stopped to read mine. He asked me, “Why is this quote so special to you?” I told him: “Fortunate people never stop to realize what they have. We complain too much because we dont have the newest iPhone or we want another pair of shoes to add to our collection. We get stuck on the little things in life and dont realize how better off we are than some people.” My teacher says, “Wow, this Seun guy must be a great person.” The little gestures for people can really make a difference. The next time I’m out and about, maybe I’ll help a lady with her groceries or give a homeless man my cup of coffee from starbucks. Seun, you are so inspirational to me. Keep doing what you do, we need more people like you in this world today.” From IFR Magic Mike

Magic Mike is referring to this video below: 

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Marriage Doesn’t Just Happen! What can Muslims learn from Christianity?

I have chosen to do this article its fair justice by not attempting to edit it, rather leaving it to the reader to decide their own take on what I see as an excellently written piece on possible reasons for the current young generation lack of interest in Marriage. Although this article is directed at Christians, can’t help feeling their might be some lessons for us Muslims.

Kindly share the blog post and leave a comment below. Enjoy the read…

It’s been more than ten years since I first noticed something odd about the generally pleasant—and generally Catholic—students at the college where I teach.  The boys and girls don’t hold hands.

holding hands

Let that serve as shorthand for the absence of all those rites of attraction and conversation, flirting and courting, that used to be passed along from one youthful generation to the next, just as childhood games were once passed along, but are so no longer.  The boys and girls don’t hold hands.

I am aware of the many attempts by responsible Catholic priests and laymen to win the souls of young people, to keep them in the Church, and indeed to make some of them into attractive ambassadors for the Church.  I approve of them heartily.  Yes, we need those frank discussions about contraception.  We need theological lectures to counter the regnant nihilism of the schools and the mass media.  But we need something else too, something more human and more fundamental.  We need desperately to reintroduce young men and young women to the delightfulness of the opposite sex.  Just as boys after fifteen years of being hustled from institutional pillar to institutional post no longer know how to make up their own games outdoors, just as girls after fifteen years of the same no longer know how to organize a dance or a social, so now our young people not only refrain from dating and courting—they do not know how to do it.  It isn’t happening.  Look at the hands.

In our swamp of miserable statistics, let me introduce another that is often overlooked.  In 1960—back when Wally Cleaver was wearing a jacket and tie to join other boys and girls at a party, for playing records and eating ice cream and dancing—in that already souring time, almost three out of four Americans aged 24 were married (72%).  Now that number is less than one in ten (9%)!  That is not a good thing.  First, it is evidence of deep and widespread loneliness.  We are not talking about people who are dating during all those years; they aren’t.  Some of them are bed-hopping; some are shacking up; some are simply alone.  That pretty much accounts for them all.  Three options, all bad.

Second, it delays, perhaps derails for good, the time when young people will set down roots and integrate themselves into the great passage of the generations.  In a culture where marriage is really treasured, that time is the supreme aim of most people’s lives.  It is when the couple will plant orchards whose fruit they themselves will not enjoy—while tasting the fruit that has been made available to them by their parents and grandparents.  The married couple, open to bearing and raising children, assume wholly new relations to the world around them.  They need not rely upon the ministrations of a secular and soul-withering state.  They themselves make a society within the larger society.

Third, it implies a divorce of love from the crazy vigor and cheerfulness of youth.  And this is what I specifically want to stress.  Young people should be oriented toward love; that is natural.  Grace perfects nature; but that means there has to be a nature to perfect.  But where, now, is the natural expression of this search for love?  There aren’t any boys climbing the mountains to pick edelweiss for their sweethearts.  There aren’t any sweethearts.  There aren’t any boys singing “Annie Laurie,” nor any Annies for them to sing to.  A whole mode of being has been lost, a mode of being that in every culture but our own produces a wealth of beauty, and sweeps young people along with its strong tide, into marriage and a world of families.

What do we do about it?  Well, what would we do if we found a land of pallid, feeble, depressed children, kept withindoors all their lives, and so burdened with drudgery and the inanity of electronic gadgetry that they couldn’t climb a tree or fish in a pond or climb a mountain?  We wouldn’t give them lectures on the wonder of the simple joys.  We wouldn’t have them read articles proving the superiority of a way of life they cannot imagine.  We wouldn’t focus on the intellect at all!  For the problem is bigger than that, or more fundamental.  We would get them outdoors, right away.  It isn’t enough that no one prevent them from going outdoors, just as it isn’t enough right now that no one prevents our young people from holding hands, delighting in the company of the opposite sex, courting, and marrying.  They’re lost.  They hardly know where to begin.

And, let’s be honest, among all sane people, one generation assumes some responsibility to ready the next generation for marriage.  They sponsor dances.  Where are the dances, the concerts, in our parishes?  Dancing, I know, is another one of those games that used to be passed along by the young to the young, but that’s long ceased to be the case.  Now all we’re left with are the epileptic jerks of disconnected “partners” on a strobe-lit stage, all conversation made impossible by noise from hell, or the embarrassing slow-dancing, which you can hardly engage in with somebody you are only beginning to get to know.

Where are all the Catholic Youth Organizations?  They used to sponsor basketball games, for both the players and the people who’d be in the stands cheering them.  Where are the socials?  Where are the bowling nights, the picnics?  Where can our young people go to have innocent fun, not just alongside the other sex, but specifically for mingling with them, meeting them, flirting with them, searching for one of them to love?  Where are we nudging them gently along toward marriage and the sweetness of that life?

These are not extras.  They are of the essence.  I’m deeply interested in theology, but most people aren’t.  The “theology” they drink in comes from Mass, from prayer, and from—note this well!—the natural life of people in the Church.  It comes from learning to love someone forever, under the canopy of the Church; it comes from the vow at the altar, and the child in the cradle, and the daily charities and forbearance of married life, life in a real and precious society.

It is irresponsible in us, then, to let our youth muddle and meander; to suppose that marriage will eventually “happen.”  For my whole life, the ecclesially minded have asked, “What can we do to keep our youth in the Church?”  And their attempts haven’t worked, because they have viewed young people as consumers of a churchly product, rather than as boys and girls, young men and young women, with obvious natures and needs.

So then—I call upon every parish in the United States to do the sweet and simple and ordinary things.  Not everybody can speak learnedly about church architecture.  Not everybody wants to hear about that.  Not everybody can speak learnedly about grace and free will.  Not everybody wants to hear about that.  But everybody can learn to sing, everybody can learn to dance, everybody can watch a good movie, everybody likes a picnic, or a hike, or a trip to the beach, or a goofy time at the bowling alley, or a softball game, or an ice cream social, or coffee and tea and doughnuts.  It is not good for the man to be alone—or the woman!

Sometimes our duties are difficult or dangerous.  Not this time!  So then, what is our excuse?

By: Anthony Esolen

Professor Esolen teaches Renaissance English Literature and the Development of Western Civilization at Providence College. A senior editor for Touchstone.



Gee, what a surprise. The generation that turned it’s back on all the traditions of our ancestors, has raised a generation that doesn’t know anything about our ancestral courtship traditions.

Another strike for the sexual revolution!

What a wonderful article by Mr. Esolen. I was not at all surprised to see that he teaches Renaissance English. I dare say that only one well versed in such studies would able to so eloquently address the very sad story of lost romance and courting.

I would like to add that on a practical level the most significant factor contributing to the current state of affairs is that boys and the current generation of young men have been trained not to be men! Between the political corectness found in mass media, the legal system, and school policies, boys and men have been taught that nearly all forms of courtship are sexual harassment. In addition, it becomes very difficult for boys and men to have the confidence to properly court a girl or woman when they lack the masculine self-confidence that only comes from traditional and normal male bahaviour. Behaviour that has been all but outlawed. And those few boys and men who do act normal are labeled Neanderthals whom women are taught should disdained and avoided.

My question is this, when does it become too late for men? At what point, at what age, have they passed the demarcation line of being able to successfully learn how to court, and actually be able to do so? This is an important question since there are currently so many single men and woman well into their 30’s and 40’s.

As for those who are discussing the appropriateness of dancing, I think you are missing the main point of the article. I am not deriding the seriousness of a theological discussion on dancing. It is a matter worthy of discussion, however it is tertiary to the main point of this article, which is about the lack of traditional courtship in general, and how it negatively effects Western Society.


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Girl of ten serve dinner for 50 homeless to keep her dead father’s promise


Gracie 10 year old

After ten-year-old Gracie McNulty’s father died in an accident, she wasn’t sure how to cope with her first Christmas without him.

So she decided to abandon the usual family festivities – and make her father’s last Christmas wish come true instead.

With the help of her mother and three siblings, Gracie served turkey with all the trimmings to 50 homeless people yesterday.

Her father Craig, 38, was a regular charity volunteer who had served breakfast to the homeless on Boxing Day in the past, and  he had promised to open the  family’s cafe on Christmas Day this year.

But Mr McNulty, a roofer, suffered serious head injuries when he fell while working. He was taken to hospital by air ambulance but died soon after the accident in August.

Gracie’s mother Sharon McNulty, 46, who runs the Grilled and Filtered cafe in Dewsbury, West  Yorkshire, said: ‘After he died Gracie said to me “I don’t want  to have Christmas at home this year, I want to do what daddy wanted and open the cafe on Christmas Day.

‘It wouldn’t feel right to celebrate so we’re serving Christmas dinner to people who don’t have a home to go to.’ She added: ‘We’re all thinking of Craig. It’s all in his honour and he would be so happy with what we are doing.

‘It’s been absolutely fantastic, just to see their faces when they walked in. We’ve bought everybody thermal gloves, thermal scarves, and thermal socks and have also made sandwiches for them to take away.’

The family gave tickets for the Christmas dinner to local charities who help the homeless, and their community donated money to fund the event.

Gracie said: ‘It’s been the best Christmas ever. I was just at school feeling sad about my dad so decided I wanted to do something to make him proud and this felt like the perfect thing. People have been coming in calling me “super Grace.” I haven’t asked my mum yet but I want to do this every year.’

See the Act of Kindness shown in this #Homeless video 


Full News by MAIL ONLINE

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