Barking Cash Mob

Some people know me as the flash mob guy! I love flash mobs! So when I heard about the Cash Mob Challenge being organised by the ace folks over at #wewillgather, I just had to do my bit to get involve and spread the word. This is a wonderful way to support local shops in our communities and to have a big awareness presence.

The Cash Mob phenomenon, for want of a better word, started in the US just a couple of years ago and has now started happening all over the place ever since – much to the surprise and no doubt joy of independent retailers everywhere!
Why? Well it’s quite simple really – a Cash Mob is a group of people who select a small locally owned independent shop or cafe and agree to meet there at a designated time and date in order to make purchases. Supporting local businesses in the best way possible by buying their wares!

If you like the sound of this and would like to maybe join us for Barking Cash Mob or organise a Cash Mob in your town to help support a local business, now’s the time to do it.

2013-05-08 10.51.40

Join Barking Cash Mob #wewillgather you’ll actually be joining lots of like-minded people all over the country who are doing the same thing. There’ll be feel good vibes everywhere!

So go on then, what’s stopping you? Get involve and do your bit for a local business in your area. You won’t regret it!

WHEN: Saturday 25th

MEET UP LOCATION: In front of Barking Train Station

TIME: 11:15am


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