Carry my wish around the world



I told a friend on the train that I need a new computer and that I’m fed up of Microsoft powered laptop’s. I mentioned how I have heard lots of good reviews about APPLE MAC products but I can only spend upto £500. Knowing that I would at least need £750 for MacBook Air, I made a wish/joke to her that I should buy lots of apple fruits with a message and post it online for luck. She laughed at me!!! that it can’t be done for £500 with my idea. I believe I can prove her wrong. This post might just travel far to someone with a connection that can make my wish/joke happen.

I’m open to suggestions and more creative ideas. Let’s just do it!! Please reblog/share and comment. THANKS xxx @SeunOshinaike




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2 Responses to Carry my wish around the world

  1. Best of luck, Seun. I would help but an jobless, virtually homeless, literally penniless.

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