Your video inspired me to want to randomly buy something for someone

Earlier this year I made a short film called “Cash Mob Act of Kindness – Free Shopping” You can see the film at the bottom of this blog. I’m so humbled by couple of the comments on the video that I am so keen to share it and hope you like it.

“revs2021” comment 3 months ago

“i would like you to by me a ipad”

“I replied….”

hahaha nice one 🙂 before I can consider buying you a materialistic product… first, what do you do currently and what makes you come alive?

A month later then I received this comment from “nruiz1….”

“So i know the question wasn’t for me, but seeing a persons face light up when you so something nice for them is what makes me come alive. Your video inspired me to want to randomly buy something for someone. Im thinking groceries. How awesome would that be to surprise someone with free food! Thanks for sharing

You are an awesome and amazing person. I’ve been watching some of your videos. My husband and i love helping people. We want our kids to learn now that its better to give than to receive. Im currently getting things together for 2 different families. One husband lost his job and their kids needed clothes and school supplies. The other husband was recently incarcerated and the wife is struggling to pay bill and rent. She only works part time so its tough for her. Her oldest needed new shoes.”


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2 Responses to Your video inspired me to want to randomly buy something for someone

  1. Kathy Mason says:

    Your video and random acts of kindness campaign, reminded me to set some ‘do something kind goals’ with my children on a daily basis. As part of our daily fellowship at sundown – we all shared a kind deed of the day to encourage and inspire each other.

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