Kindness happens all the time around us. Stay kind

This evening I attended the naming ceremony of a friend’s son. And I met a very kind couple with their son. We had lots of fascinating and fruitful conversations. Conversation about my organisation Brighter Steppings  even came up and I asked them to have their son join one of our projects (the husband asked for my business card and I gave one to this humble man).

Later on as I was about to leave, I asked the husband for his business card, he didn’t have any, so to my astonishment he brought out his phone, opened the phone cover and took out £10 wrote his email on it. At this point I realised what he’s going to do next! I said noooo, how about you write your email on the back of this business card. He insisted and offered me the money. So we went back and forth, nooo…. Noo… Nooo. So I said okay I will accept it so I can share this moment as a story with the world. And he smiled, and later said you can buy some stamps out of it too (stamp is in reference to our conversation earlier that evening about a project) Hope this story brings a smile to anyone reading it 🙂

Kindness happens all the time around us. Stay kind.


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