An homeless man that have more hope and optimism than most people I know

Just small acts of kindness can have very profound effects. Often we see one small act of kindness as an isolated drop in an ocean of indifference and greed. I believe it’s important to remember the ripple effect of your actions. Just a simple smile can change someone’s day and cause a rippling out of kindness from that one tiny moment.

On Easter Saturday, I took my children and some of their friends in to the city – while they were in a shop, I sat outside in the beautiful sunshine next to a homeless man of about 50. I enjoyed a long conversation with Michael, who had not a trace of self pity, not a hint of bitterness, and had more hope and optimism than most people i know. Michael had a hard life, and a lonely one. I gave him all I had in my wallet and wish it could have been more. Meeting Michael was a blessing to me.

I remember when I was just a little girl and had gone to London for the weekend, to my Aunties house.. I used to get a little bit of pocket money on a Saturday, to go to Woolworth and buy a record :)) One day I see this really old man sat on the floor and Obviously in need… I took my pocket money and bought him Chips and took them over to him… ya know what.. Not having anything that week, was the best thing ever…

“I think it’s mostly people don’t want to because they don’t want to engage.. which is sad. Other times some people don’t because they’re scared to.. I felt bad when I didn’t have any money and I saw a guy around my age asleep in the forest.. I wanted to go up to him and hug him but he was asleep.. other times I have seen a homeless person so drunk.. and I admit, I was scared of him – the way he dressed. I felt sorry for him, but I was scared.”

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